About Fractal Technology

Process crypto transactions in milliseconds, not minutes

Blockchain technology is notoriously slow when it comes to processing transactions; often taking 20-60 minutes to reconcile and commit one transaction. That's a total fail for real-world purchasing scenarios.

Fractal technology by Vertisan is lightning-fast and processes crypto transactions securely in less than one second. Cryptocurrencies powered by Fractal are the viable next-generation currencies for retail purchasing; such as buying groceries at the store.

Fractal Blockchain
Nominal transaction duration 250-900 milliseconds 20-60 minutes
Secure, incorruptible public ledger YES YES
Viable for retail purchasing YES NO
Solves the "100 Year Problem" YES NO
Capable of government adoption YES NO
Possibility of losing wallets & coins IMPOSSIBLE COMMON
Energy efficient YES NO
Sustainable growth architecture YES NO
Encryption optimization Optimized for Intel 64-bit Dedicated mining rigs